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How It Works

Construction of the Kotoku Plant commenced in 2012, at the cost of over USD 10 Million. The Plant, a smaller version of the Lavender Hill Plant, is also designed for a lifespan of 20 years
and more. Primary Treatment which includes: Screening, Primary Settling, Raw Septage Sludge Dewatering; Secondary Treatment which includes: Anaerobic Digestion (UASB), Anoxic- Oxic Digestion, Secondary Settling; Tertiary Treatment which includes: Membrane Bio-Reactor; Biogas Flaring, Digested Sludge Dewatering; Biological Process Start Up Time is between 90 to 150 days;

The Kotoku Septage Treatment Plant will complement faecal waste treatment plant focusing on liquid waste from the Northern parts of the Greater Accra Region. It is located at the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant (ACARP).


  • Design capacity to treat 600m3/day of faecal sludge
  • Plant has an odour control machine.
  • Plant has two UASB tanks
  • Plant has a maximum capacity of 1000m3/day.

Current Status

  • Plant is fully operational.
  • Biological process taking place and expected to be completed By January 2018
  • Meanwhile , trucks are received regularly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Management contract signed with Ministry of Local Government, under the Accra Compost Project , to cater for liquid waste treatment.
  • Plant serving trucks from the northern part of Accra.
  • Over 27 youth employed

Facts & Figures

  • Shortly after starting the Lavender Hill Project and in order to cater to trucks in the northern parts of Accra, a decision was made to construct a smaller Faecal treatment plant, at one of our sites in Adjen Kotoku.
  • Together with Lavender Hill, both plants will take care of all the septic waste water coming from Greater Accra region and neighboring towns.

          Total designed Capacity of Kotoku Plant is

  • approx. 600m3/day, and actual capacity is Approx. 1,000 m3/day, which is equivalent to almost 120 truck loads.
  • Plant is dedicated to treating waste water delivered by septic trucks from all over Accra , specifically , northern parts of Greater Accra region.
  • Expected to generate more than 60 direct job opportunities and over 100 indirect job opportunities, not to mention improving the living standard in the surrounding areas, improving health conditions of the surrounding communities as well as the sanitation conditions in the area.

An Engineering, Construction and Procurement Specialist Company that focuses on the provision of efficient liquid waste treatment. SSGL is a fully Ghanaian owned company.

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