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Design capacity of 2000 m3/d

How It Works

The process begins from the discharge of the septage into discharge troughs. This flows by gravity through the screens and the integrated machines to remove debris and sand. The septage is then dewatered using a coagulant and then screw pressed.
The bio-solids is collected and dried for further composting as organic manure. 
The effluent will then move into the upflow anaerobic sludge blanket tanks for further treatment(UASB). It is in these tanks that methane gas will be generated. The effluent will then move into the Anoxic and Oxic Tanks where nitrification and denitrification takes place respectively.
The last stage is for the effluent to move into the sedimentation tanks. The clear water will finally pass through a UV system for disinfection before final discharge into the sea.
This effluent will meet the EPA standards. Biogas, which comprises of methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide would be extracted from the UASB treatment process, after which it would be cleaned for methane to generate electricity mainly to run the plant.

Facts & Figures

  • Design capacity of 2000m3/day
  • Averagely 208 trucks visit the plant daily
  • Plant available to all users 24 hours seven days in a week.
  • Production of compost for organic fertilizer.
  • Production of biogas for the generation of electricity.
  • An end product of clear water that is used for irrigation, car wash, and aquaculture
  • Plant has enhanced a cleaner, healthier and odour-free environment –  James town and its environs
  • Solution promotes preventive healthcare
  • Well-equipped laboratory
  • Has a 5,500m3/day storage tank
  • Has an odour control capability
  • Plant has four UASB tanks with a capacity of 1,700m3/day each

Biogas Treatment Facility

  • Liquid is subject to a treatment process that uses UASB Reactors (Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)
  • Biogas is generated from the UASB process. 7000 cubic meters of Biogas expected to be generated , at full capacity, within 3-6 month.
  • 2 x 500 KVA Gas powered turbines, used to generate electricity .
  • 0.5 Mwatts expected to be generated which can be used on site or can be added to the electric grid.
  • Estimated value of electricity produced is Approx. US $800,000 , based on current buying rates of ECG.

How The System Works

Lavender Hill Plant

An Engineering, Construction and Procurement Specialist Company that focuses on the provision of efficient liquid waste treatment. SSGL is a fully Ghanaian owned company.

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