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Health & Safety

At SSGL we believe that all people who work in and visit our sites are entitled to the same level of protection and security while they remain in any section of any of the plants. To ensure a reliable approach to safeguarding health, safety, environment and security the company has developed a rigorous system safety system supported by our health and safety processes, procedures, instructions and guidelines, as well as a complete security system. These activities are coordinated by the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department.

The Health, Safety and Environment Department helps to satisfy and standardize all of the company’s Health, Safety and Environmental compliance obligations.

SSGL is mindful of the hazardous nature of septage and sewage especially if mishandled. Handling of wastewater is broadly defined to include the use of all necessary equipment and machines to receive and to carry it from point to point, following standard engineering practices to prevention leakages – liquids and gases, processing, secondary effluent discharges and disposal and the release of the final end product i.e. treated water into the environment.

Each of These handling processes has been studied in detail paying special attention to all component parts especially in areas where direct human interventions are required. The design and manufacturing of processing equipment and machines have been carried with the health and safety of all people who patronise the plant in any way, shape or form in mind. In addition to taking special care of our workers, equal attention is also given to contractors, private septage hauling truck operators and visitors to site. SSGL is committed to ensuring that there is an incident-free workplace at all times. This is achieved with the help of an HSE Management System. The HSE Management System is a controlled set of instructions and procedures outlined in our HSE Policy Document and Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

The HSE Policy document and the EMP together:

  •  Identify key features of HSE management process rules which you must understand and comply with to achieve the company’s HSE objectives
  • Tell you about the Company’s HSE goals, objectives and culture
  •  Provide an overview of how SSGL expects its workers/contractors to work safely using the processes which form the elements of our Management System
  • List issues concerning the safety approaches that one needs to be familiar with when one visits any of the company’s sites.
  • Identify SSGL’s collective responsibilities and the role of the HSE department with regards to HSE management
  • Empower each worker to address unsafe conditions in the work place or to stop unsafe behaviour by work colleagues
  • Promote the reporting of all near miss incidents, damage, illnesses and injuries so that the company can learn from any mistakes and make amends.
  •  Provide avenues to workers/contractors to freely express concerns on safety management through established reporting lines
  • Lead in maintaining workers security by trained actions to undertake in cases of emergency.

To ensure compliance, our systems are strongly supported by technology. These include internal and outdoor odour neutralizing gadgets, multi-gas detecting devices, alcohol meters, modern personal protective equipment among others.



To provide efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly treatment of effluent and faecal sludge in Ghana and beyond


To be the pacesetters in the treatment of sewerage and faecal sludge in west Africa.


Integrity, Respect, Consistency, Clean and Green


Godliness and faith, Teamwork, Integrity ,Service excellence
Accountability, Safe Operations

An Engineering, Construction and Procurement Specialist Company that focuses on the provision of efficient liquid waste treatment. SSGL is a fully Ghanaian owned company.

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